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The signage world has its own language that can sometimes be confusing. To break the language barrier and help you decide what best fits your needs, we've compiled some commonly used terms to familiurize you with the sign making process.

Vector Images

The industry uses a vector image instead of a image file such as JPG or PNG because they can be scaled to a larger size and not lose any image quality. If you blow up a JPG or PNG it will look fuzzy, or "pixelated." When you blow up a vector image, the edges of each object within the graphic stay smooth and clean. This makes vector graphics perfect for logos. They can be small enough to appear on a business card, but can also big enough to fill a billboard.


Resolution is the quality of the image. As the resolution or “quality” goes up, the image becomes more clear. It becomes sharper, more defined, and detailed. There is a certain number of dots that make up an image. Put simply, the more dots you jam into the width and height of the screen, the higher the resolution. The less dots, the lower the resolution.


Coroplast is a fluted polypropylene that some call “corrugated plastic.” It is made of two thin layers of plastic separated by a hollow rib-like structure. It is tough, lightweight and weather resistant that is good for both indoor and outdoor use. It is best suited for short term purposes.


Aluminum signs are Lightweight and sturdy. They are a great choice for outdoor signs because they are tough enough to brave the weather elements without rusting.


Econolite signs are made with a corrugated plastic center with a one sided aluminum face. Econolite signs have all the benefits of alumilite signs with only one finished aluminum side. Perfect for one sided outdoor signs.

Synthetic Foam

This man made substance replaces wood for sandblasting. Synthetic Foam signs are hand carved and can be painted or stained. They will not rot and can be refinished. Excellent replacement for redwood.


Silkscreen printing is a technique used to print text or images on cloth or other materials.


Digital printing is when text or images are printed directly on cloth or other materials without the use of a silkscreen plate.


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